Consumer Complaint Form

Before You Submit a Complaint to the Ministry

Please take a moment to review the guide for submitting a complaint to the ministry.

If you have questions about your rights under the Consumer Protection Act or other laws administered by the ministry, please call Consumer Protection Ontario at:
Telephone: 1-800-889-9768 or 416-326-8800 / TTY:1-877-666-6545 or 416-229-6086

Submitting a Complaint to the Ministry

  1. Please fill in all the details in this form. Mandatory fields are indicated by an asterisk (*) and must be completed in order to submit the complaint.
  2. We will let you know when we have received your complaint. If your submission indicates that a business may have contravened consumer protection laws administered by the ministry and we determine that mediation of your complaint is appropriate we will contact you regarding next steps. If your complaint is better addressed by another office, we may direct you to the appropriate entity.
  3. Notice of Collection of Personal Information - The collection of personal information on this form is necessary for the proper administration of the consumer protection laws administered by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services and for law enforcement. The information will be used for the purposes of complaint mediation and/or investigation of potential contraventions of consumer protection laws by the business.

For more detail about the collection of information, please contact, in writing at: Director, Consumer Protection Ontario, Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, Consumer Services Operations Division, 77 Wellesley Street West, PO Box 450, Toronto ON M7A 2J6, or by telephone at 1-800-889-9768 or TTY 1-877-666-6545

(leave blank if you have not filed a complaint with the ministry)

Your Contact Information

1. Your Name and Mailing Address
2. Contact Information
Provide at least one of the following: Home phone, Cell phone or Work phone, as well as an Email address.*

Contact Information for the Business You Are Complaining About

3. Contact Details of the Business
Please include at least one way we can contact the business.
If you have a complaint about more than one business, please fill out a separate complaint form for each business.
Provide at least one of the following: Phone number, Cell phone, Fax, Email address.*
Include only one website in this field. If there are multiple websites for the business above, please provide those details in question 9a below.
Contact information of the person you were dealing with at the business.

Information About Your Complaint

4. Did you write a complaint letter to the business? *    
7. Method of payment
8. How was the agreement/contract formed? (If relevant to your case)
9a. What is your complaint about? (Max. 500 words) *
9b. If your complaint is against a collection agency, credit reporting agency, payday lender or bailiff, include details of the dispute or issue that you have with this agency or individual. (Max. 500 words)
10. Have you filed any documents with the courts?    

Supporting Documents for Your Complaint

12. Please attach supporting documents (These are needed to process your complaint)
Provide electronic versions of all documents you have to support your complaint. This includes:
  • A copy of the letter you have written complaining to the business, collection agency, credit reporting agency, debt settlement company, payday lender, or bailiff. Also include any response they have sent back to you.
  • Your contract including terms and conditions or any other related agreements (if applicable).
  • Copies of invoices, records of payments made, logs of calls from a collection agency, consumer reports or any documentation relating to the original debt relevant to your complaint.

We will review all documents provided to process the complaint. For the protection of your privacy and security of your information, do not submit any payment card information relating to credit cards or debit cards, banking information such as account numbers, or any other personal information such as Social Insurance Number, driver's licence number, Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) number, medical records or passport information to the ministry. Do not submit copies of payment cards or identification documents as described above. If you are submitting statements, receipts or any other documents that include such personal information, please make copies of such documents and make sure credit or debit card or bank account numbers have been deleted or blacked out on those copies. Keep the originals and do not alter them.

Documents must be submitted in JPEG, Word, Excel or PDF formats.

Total attachments must not exceed more than 10 MB (megabytes) in size.

If you have additional documents that support your complaint but cannot be uploaded within these limits, please email the additional documents to after submitting this form. To ensure your complaint gets processed properly, when sending additional documentation, include your file number and ensure that the email is not greater than 10 MB total. File names of the attachments, including extension, cannot be longer than 30 characters and should not include special characters (e.g., $ or %). If you are submitting the complaint form by mail or fax, attachments can be mailed or faxed along with the complaint form.
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How Did You Hear About Us?


Tell Us About Yourself (Demographic Questions)

The following are six optional demographic questions. Demographic information is necessary for the ministry to identify trends and concerns with respect to how businesses interact with particular groups of consumers. This helps us develop effective laws and policies including with respect to enhancing consumer education and conducting risk-based enforcement of our consumer protection laws. Data collected will only be used or disclosed in aggregate, meaning you will not be identified, and answers to these questions will not be shared with the business.
1. Do you have any special needs or require any special accommodation that we should be aware of?
2. What is your age range?
3. Are you comfortable communicating in English (reading, writing and in-person or by phone)?
4. Have you immigrated to Ontario from outside of Canada within the last 5 years?
5. Are you on a fixed income or do you receive any form of income support? ? (e.g. Ontario Disability Support Plan, Canada Pension, Employment Insurance, social assistance such as Ontario Works, etc.)

Important Notice

Notice of Disclosure of Personal Information and Consent

Please note the complaint form and any attachments (excluding demographic information) may be shared with the business for the purpose of mediation or investigation. Your personal information will not be sold or shared for commercial purposes by the ministry. Is there any personal information on this form you do not wish shared with the business? *
Your complaint may be shared with a law enforcement agency in Canada, such as another ministry (federal or provincial), an administrative authority or other regulatory entity in aid of an investigation. Do you consent to sharing your personal information for this purpose? *
In some cases, we may determine that another government ministry (federal or provincial), administrative authority or any other regulatory entity is either better suited to, or may also, deal with the substance of your complaint. Do you consent for us to share your personal information with another entity that we have determined is suitable to consider your complaint? *

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