Consumer Beware List

Consumer Beware List

The Consumer Beware List is a searchable public record. The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services maintains this searchable list of businesses that have either:
  • not responded to the ministry after they were sent 2 notifications about a consumer complaint. If the business does not take action after the second notification, it is added to the list
  • been charged or convicted in relation to the Consumer Protection Act or other acts of the ministry
Check the track record of a company on the Consumer Beware List before you consider doing business with it.


Learn more about the Consumer Beware List.
How can I remove my business from the Consumer Beware List?

Search tips:

You can search using the full or partial name of the business or individual. For example, searching using the letters "oronto" will return records with the words "Toronto" and "Desoronto".

You can also use % in the place of some letters if you don't know the exact spelling of the name. For example, searching using "SM%H",
your search will return records such as SMITH, SMYTH, SMITHSON etc.

Please note:

Not all consumer complaints submitted to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services are posted to the Consumer Beware List. A business or individual is only guilty of the offences in the "charges laid" section of the search results when they are found guilty in a court of law.